• Please read all / scroll to bottom to confirm you understand the following terms of service:

    I require a minimum of 48 hours notice: fee as agreed to be
    paid if session is cancelled with shorter notice.

    Everything we discuss in therapy is confidential with the exception of the following;
    - Discussion of cases with my clinical supervisor: no names are disclosed in these sessions
    - If you disclose allegations of childhood abuse with details
    that could identify a perpetrator, and I feel children may
    continue to be at risk, I will be duty bound to pass on this
    information to the HSE.
    - If you disclose or I think you may be about to harm
    yourself or others, I will inform your G.P. and next of kin
    - I do not appear as an expert witness or write court reports as I have no formal training in this area.

    We will allow 50 – 60 mins per session at the agreed fee.