Does this sound familiar?

Waking up first thing in the morning with a constant feeling of fear, of dread, of not wanting to face the day?

Worrying about a key relationship in your life that is not as healthy as it should be?

Lacking value and confidence in yourself and not feeling a sense of self- worth?

Anxiety, Relationship issues and Self-Esteem are the 3 key areas I deal with mostly in my practice. There are few of us who haven’t experienced problems around these issues, myself included, so I am coming at this from a place of personal experience as well as from a professional one.

Time for change

So what if life could be different? What if you took steps to work towards changing your stars? It is all about becoming aware of the things you would like to change and so creating a whole new mindset for yourself. Today could be the first day of your new life.

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  • Anxiety

  • Relationships

  • Self-Esteem

Anxiety is a common feeling – a normal emotional response. It can help us in fight of flight situations, but it can become a hindrance if the feelings begin to overwhelm you on a constant basis.

When dealing with anxiety, I work with you to identify triggers – exams, work, an argument with a loved one – and then identify ways to reduce these feelings.

Our work involves identifying causes, what makes it better or worse, what relaxes you.

It’s all about learning to manage it and take back control.

We will work on the belief that this feeling will pass by using breathing techniques, learning to think more positively and freeing yourself from unhelpful patterns of behaviour.

Changes in behaviour don’t happen overnight – learn to give it time.

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If you can identify with what you have read, now is your chance to change your life, on your terms, with professional help and guidance.